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MUNT ex Pele, songwriting, team from UK

Munt - multi-platform software synthesiser emulation (dictionary def). There are other more derogatory definitions but in short MUNT are a male multi-instrumentalist duo based in Chester U.K. Although friends for over thirty years, it was in 2015 that a symbiotic recording/writing/ project was formed, utilising technical and creative skills across all genres. This was rooted in a song writing tradition that can be traced back to their previous incarnations, reflective of life experiences and challenging topics. MUNT are experimental within a framework of popular music.


Andrew Roberts formerly played in a number of bands throughout the

1980’s and 90’s, notably Pele where he was a resident keyboard player and

songwriting affiliate. Kevin Walker had been writing songs in collaboration

with former Pele bass guitarist Jim McAllister as Me You and The Magnet

for over 20 years. In Autumn 2016 Munt produced an E.P of their first three

songs each in different styles that reflect a musical diversity that has no

boundaries. Following collaborations with guest singers, a series of short promos, and the release of a debut album 'Numero Uno' in 2019, and 'Further' in 2023.


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